Gender Roles In Toy Land

Gender Roles In Toy Land

Gender Roles in Toy Land

A parent?s responsibilities include but are not limited to: being a role model, leading by example, implementing a confident and genuine perception of self-awareness, as well as protector and disciplinarian when appropriate. One of the most important concepts for a parent to consider is to let their children be just that: children. Childhood goes by entirely too fast as it is, why hasten the process

Explaining to a child in adult terms why he or she should not play with certain ?gender specified? toys is pointless. What an adult mind intends and an innocent child perceives, are not in the same universe, let alone the same ballpark. A parent?s job description does not include ?toy nazi.? Parents should mediate playtime rather than control it. Children should be allowed to play freely and without the burden of adult social stereotypes.

Is an action figure not a doll Is it safe to assume that a boy who receives a Barbie doll as a gift may not grow up to be homosexual Is it not also possible that the same child may instead, become greatly interested in anatomy and

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