Literary Analysis of ?Trifles?

In Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, two women battle with a decision that could change the fate of a woman who is assumed to have killed her husband. They are at the Wright house to gather some things to bring to Minnie and start to analyze the things in her kitchen. Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale talk about how Minnie was such a good woman before she married. They start to battle with the thought that she may have actually killed her husband.
Women in the early 1900?s were considered second class. They were house wives and nothing more. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale discuss everyday things in Minnie?s kitchen such as her fruit and her bread that was set and ready to be baked. Suddenly Mrs. Peters asks Mrs. Hale ?Do you think she did it? These two women know that Minnie would have had a motive but did not want to say it out loud. They continually bring up how ?Minnie Foster? used to be. ??one of the town girls singing in the choir.? It is constantly inferred that John Wright was bad husband who changed

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