Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies

The Lord of the flies Essay

The Lord of the Flies is a story that takes a group of boys out of a civilized society and puts them on an island. In this novel, William Golding explains that when we drift away from civilization, we tend to go back to our savage roots. The characters Ralph and Jack struggle amongst themselves to be the leader, Ralph, Piggy and Simon represent good while Jack represents evil, and all the hunters act like savages. In William Golding?s The Lord of the Flies, the struggle for leadership, good versus evil and the loss of innocence are the key themes that describe what happens when we lose our senses of civilization.

This novel illustrates the struggle for leadership through Darwin?s survival of the fittest theory. Survival of the fittest means that the individuals who are able to adapt best to existing conditions are the ones who will survive, while the others perish. Ralph is unable to adapt to the conditions of the island and constantly thinks of ways of being rescued, while Jack adjusts well to the conditions on the island. Through Ralph we see the difficulty of setting up a colony in a place

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