Brave New World

Brave New World

On the road to Perfection

The way in which Aldous Huxley presents his Utopia deals with the control of a society by means of stability. A Utopia in which can only be fathomable in a world made up from Huxleys mind and never reality. The use of technology in Brave New World and the way in which everyone is psychologically conditioned seems like a unrealistic dystopia.
Huxley states that ?the standardization of the human product has been pushed to fantastic, thoug not perhaps impossible extremes.?(foreward) The impossible extremes imply that utopia cannot be discounted as a possibility for the future. Therefore was Huxley using his sardonic world as a mockery of ours, or was the satire just a distraction to his prophetic message for the future
The Religion which is used in the Brave new world is one that is based with Techonology. It is derived from the Ford motor company which put out the first working automobile. Technology seems to have taken the place of two most important governmental ideologies during the cold war which were communism and capitalism. The Utopia of Huxleys seems to include both of them with technology. We are in a post cold

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