Is Odysseys An Ideal Greek Hero

Is Odysseys An Ideal Greek Hero

Odysseus the Man of the Hour

In both the Iliad and the Odyssey, the character of Odysseus depicts not only a respectable protagonist but also an ideal Greek hero that continues to command the attention of the audience in the modern world today. Through out Odysseus? journey, his actions can be divided up into four categories that exemplify Greek heroism; his compassion for others, courage and heroism, leadership and ability to command respect.

Odysseus, being an ideal Greek hero, shows much compassion throughout his life, demonstrated best by his actions at the battle of Troy and through out his journey back home. As the battle of troy begins, Achilles announces he is going into battle to fight the Trojans, but Odysseus, concerned with his troops? well being, tries to convince Achilles to let the men eat and rest up first so that they may have the strength to fight. A blind bard named Demodocus sings of the quarrel between Achilles and Odysseus after the battle of troy, and Odysseus weeps at the memories he has of the tumultuous time as he is forced to begin the journey home. During his journey, Odysseus becomes stranded on an island of

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