Comparing Romantic Relationships

Comparing Romantic Relationships

Love and Romance Throughout
Word Count: 1,293

Most of the novels that we have read have a theme of love. Different kinds of love are shown throughout the stories, but one type of love interests me the most, romantic love. The romantic relationships are so different from each other in all the books. Some are true love, while others seem to be convience love. I wish to explore the feelings of two particular women who have very different ideas on love and marriage. Elizabeth and Janie are two independently minded women, living in times when such independence is not widely accepted. ?Pride and Prejudice? focuses mostly on Elizabeth and her changing feelings of Mr. Darcy. ?Their Eyes Were Watching God? is all about Janie and her three very different relationships throughout the novel.
Elizabeth was unlike her sisters is many ways. One way that she thought completely different was on the subject of love and marriage. Elizabeth?s siblings were all about searching for husbands. Their only goal in life was to get married to wealthy men. Jane, the eldest sister seemed to be the only Benedict sister besides Elizabeth who did not necessarily want to marry for money, but for love. Getting

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