Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe

Poe is unquestionably one of the great American writers of all time. He was far ahead of his time

with his vision of a special area of human experience the “inner world” of dream,

hallucination, and imagination. There is a distinct connection between Poes nightmarish life and

his works. His fictional works resemble a distressed individual who has a pattern of dreams

night after night with the same repeating tone of terror. Critics interpret his works as being a

search going deep into himself and arriving at the unplumbed mystery of his innerself. He has

accomplished himself with that search and characterized the twentieth century with his art. Few

poets followed their own theories more completely than Poe. His popularity is due to his

consistency in producing a universal appealing effect. “A Poe setting, atmosphere, or situation is

instantly recognizable.” All of his poetry is based on carefully thought out principles of artistic

creativity, and his biggest concern as a poet was the effect he could produce on the reader with

those principles.Poes poetry covered these themes in a way that they all compliment each other.

The theme most revolved around by the others is ideal beauty. In

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