English Independent Study Project

English Independent Study Project

Independent Study Project
English Grade 9

For my Independent Study Project (ISP) I chose five short stories by five different authors, all of which were of the fairy tale genre. This assignment requires me to reveal insight into the works and show my appreciation through a written commentary that focuses on the social-historical aspects of the story done through a comparative analysis of the themes, plots, characters and settings of each story.

I chose the following fairy tales: The Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltzkin by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, The Three Bears by Robert Southey, and The Emperor?s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. Two of the three fairy tales have no author. They are tales that have been passed on for generations and no one has been given credit for both The Three Little Pigs and Sleeping Beauty.

Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, the authors of Rumpelstiltzkin, are known for more than just their collection of fairy tales. They were leaders in the study of philology and folklore. The brothers collaborated on numerous works besides their collection known as Grimm?s Fairy Tales. In 1854 they published the first volume of the monumental Deutsches Worterbuch, the standard German dictionary, which was completed by other

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