Essay 1984

Essay 1984

Room 101 is the most feared place in the Ministry of Truth, which serves as a room to reform criminals. The effectiveness of Room 101 to reform, criminal party members such as Winston was achieved by the use of the anticipated fear, the party member?s greatest fear, and the strategic placement of Room 101 as final stage of reform.

When Winston was first brought to the Ministry of Truth, while still in the waiting cell. Winston witnessed many criminals that were ordered to be brought to Room 101 by means of force, every time a person was ordered to go there the prisoner would become frantic with fright trying to avoid being sent. Prisoners would make pleads of offering anything, and begging to be shot or killed, ?Shoot me. Hang me. Sentence me to twenty-five years? (pg.248). When Winston saw the reactions of other criminals this created the question, What is Room 101 He assumed that it could not have been a pleasant place to go. When Winston asks O?Brien the question O?Brien answers with, ?You know what is in Room 101, Winston. Everyone knows what is in Room 101? (pg. 273). After

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