Girl, Inturrupted and Normal Adolescence

Girl, Inturrupted and Normal Adolescence

Girl, Interrupted and normal adolescence

In the book Girl, Interrupted the protagonist, Susanna Kaysen, is a troubled youth who is confined, against her informed will, to a mental hospital for a year and a half. During this time she shows her sanity, not only through lucid thought and clear understanding of the world around her, but through the apparent lack of mental illness.

Susanna is admitted to the hospital under her own signature, but has been provoked and deceived by her doctor in a time of confusion. In her first meeting with the psychologist who condemns her to the hospital, she seems unclear of the meaning of what he says, and unwittingly agrees with him to be committed. ? ?You need a rest,? he announced. I did need a rest, particularly since I?d gotten up so early that morning ? ?Don?t you think ? Don?t you think you need a

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