The Effects Of The Two World Wars On The Lives Of American C

The Effects Of The Two World Wars On The Lives Of American Citizens

The two World Wars in which America was involved had a tremendous impact on not only the solders who fought, but also the ordinary citizens. War is characterized as a time of great change and indicates a problem with the status quo. Therefore, during these wars, as with any, Americans had to cope with some deviations from the norms in their daily lives and come to terms with exactly what kind of impact a war can have on the general population. Not only did the people face the possibility of risking their own lives fighting, but they also had to deal with the loss of loved ones and a lack of many of the frivolries that could be enjoyed during peacetime. Because of all of the changes and difficulties that accompany war, post-war eras are usually characterized as times of conservatism. People tend to cling to rather old- fashioned ideas and practices. Many times this conservatism is a result of the worry that another war could be around the corner. While the two World Wars took place in very different times and for very different purposes, they managed to have similar impacts on

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