As a freshmen just coming out of highschool, I am now beginning a new life

in a whole new environment surounded by people I really do not know is a really scary

feeling. And I know that is probably not half of what I may have to face as a freshmen.

In highschool as a senior I was the ? top dog?. Everyone wanted to hang with us and be

around us because we were in the ?in crowd?. And now I am like the little fish in a big

pond. And as a freshmen, right now the only people I know are those I knew from

highschool. And that is a scary feeling not knowing if you will be able to fit in with the

other students around you. While in highschool I remember how underclassmen used tok

ask upperclassmen where a certain class was or how to get somewhere and they used to

give them the wrong directions on purpose and that was pretty mean. And now that I am

here the first thing that ran through my mind was what if I asked someone for directions

to one of my classes or something and they give me directions somewhere completely

I have been told all through highschool that college professors are totally

differently from teachers in highschool. I was told that they just get in front of the class,

talk the whole period, and while they talk we take notes and take the test. I am used to a

teacher who takes the time and explain things until we have a good understanding of it

and helps the students out when necessary. And I know that the professors are not going

to carry us on their shoulders and guide us through every little detail, but not knowing if

they are going to take the time and actually help us when needed is a thought to think

about. I graduated 13th out of 150 students and my grade point average was 3.6. And

compaared to all the fears in the world you may have to face while going to school, I feel

not being able to sucessfully pass all my classes and keep my grade point average up to

where I want be able to keep my scholarship is probably the most fearful. Right now me

studying and passing my exams are probably the most important priority to me right now.

I want to be able to accomplish these goals so I will be able to get my degree in nursing

But hopefully these fears will turn into something positive and help guide me and

help me so I will be able to overcome and conquer these fears. And with this thought, I

feel I will have a very fun and interesting experience for my first year in college.


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