Lake Erie Battle

Lake Erie Battle1813,

War Of 1812 – Lake Erie Battle
The War of 1812 was a cause from the Naval blockades from Great Britain, and American expansionism into Canada. This war was decided on the battlefield, as well as the oceans and the Great Lakes. The Royal Navy had blockaded many of the harbors of the United States, and thus the United States declared war on Great Britain. Even though the United States was outnumbered in ships in their navy, they still outfought the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The United States Navy outfought, and outsmarted the Royal Navy, which led to a victory in the War of 1812. The United States Navy thus won the decisive battles on the Great Lakes, as well as the high seas.

The war between the United States Navy and the Royal Navy of Great Britain began shortly after the declaration of war. The Royal Navy was considerably larger than the United States Navy, but the number of ships they had on the western coast was limited. To their arsenal, the United States Navy consisted of three large frigates which each boasted 66 guns. Of these guns were 30, 24-pounders below deck, 20 carronades on deck, and smaller
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