Economic Conditions In England And Their Part In Encouraging

Economic Conditions In England And Their Part In Encouraging Western Colonization

From the Spanish Conquistadors to the Virginia Company, influences from the government and the environment have helped to stir excitement and intrigue into the minds of those who colonized the world we live in now. There were many factors, both social and political, that urged colonization. Economic situations in England were the main factors in motivating colonization of the New World. The economic circumstances of the time led to a need for new products and a new place to build your own life, free from some of the restrictions of the mother country. Life as they knew it, was going to drastically change.

A first look at the New World lent itself to an image of complete freedom. The New World promised new social opportunities. England?s rigid social system did not lend itself for social climbing or personal success. You?re place in society was your place in society. There was no leeway for you to move upward. Add in the Rule of Primogeniture, which states that only the first-born son can inherit the estate in reference to nobility, and you have several non-first born sons looking to make their mark on society.

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