Personal Goals

Personal Goals

I have tasks listed in four categories to achieve my only goal. The categories are Immediate, Short, Medium and Long term. These categories are layered and dependent on each other to achieve this goal. My personal goal is to live life to the fullest, and leave this earth happy and at a ripe old age.

Immediate tasks are the day-to-day routines that allow us function in this great country of ours. At the present, maintaining a steady source of income is top priority. Without an income, bills do not get paid, and food does not make it to the stomach. It would be very hard to study hungry and without electricity. A couple of weeks ago I added schoolwork to the current tasks at hand. Between working, having fun, school and sleep. Something had to give, having fun and sleep took the biggest losses. It is the immediate tasks that allow me to achieve my short-term goals.

Short-term goals, in my opinion, are ?instant gratification? for completing your immediate tasks. My short-term goals are to finish my bachelors at UOP, save some money and win a flag football championship. Since my social schedule has all but vanished, my odds of finishing school with a BA in information technology increase dramatically. Social inactivity should also help me save some much-needed cash. I could always use some extra cash. Winning a football championship may be eliminated if I don?t get a ring this year. Time is moving a little to fast for that goal. The little bit of speed that I once used as an advantage is slipping away. As kids today get faster and faster every day, meanwhile us old folks get slower and slower. However, I have heard of over thirty leagues, may give that a shot.

Extended Short-term goals are the goals I like to keep on deck. Those goals are to buy a house and have 2 children. In a perfect world the money I save, mixed with the extra money a college degree brings, would allow me to purchase my first home with a garage. I need the garage to keep the birds from going number 2 on the new BMW M5. Once settled into the house. ?Actually meaning, a few refinances later.? I would like to crank out a couple kids. I have the wife house car and garage; the next step could only be children. The main reason for children at this point is stability.

My long-term goal is to be able to retire while I can still enjoy it. After about twenty to twenty-five years of working for someone else, it is time relax. No more dreading Sunday cause I have to go to work the next day. Which will leave plenty of time for to watch my children grow in to young adults. Then I could leave this earth happy.


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